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We are based in Fleurier, le Val-de-Travers which is in le canton

de Neuchâtel, Switzerland.


Since 1884 the business, that we have run from 1987 to 2001, has

been held by 8 different pastry cooks. Each one of them is remembered for making

some special pastries or chocolates.


We created chocolates and pastries which all are related to le Val-de-Travers, such as the "truites de l'areuse", the "images du Vallon" and the "fée verte". The chocolate "fée verte"  had to be renamed "douceur des fées" in order to follow the legislation.


Our company's ethic is to use only food-stuffs produced in our region and tho make

only few amounts of "Chocolat douceur des fées" at a time in orderto guarantee its

freshness. To be able to have an almost perfect balance between the inside

(where is the chocolate blended with absinthe) and the outside

 (the white chocolate layer) of our product, we use an old-fashioned way of production:

we dip them in white chocolate by hand. We claim and are proud of our arts and crafts because we will be able to give work to people and not to machines if our business grows well.


To summarize, we are an user-friendly and human company in both

its method and production.